itsy bitsy spider…

a spider sculpture outside of the Leeum - Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul


It was a cold snowy day in Seoul, so Danielle and I decided on an activity that would place us primarily indoors. We hopped on the subway and went to the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. No photography was allowed inside, so I took this photo after we finished looking at the art indoors.


3 responses to “itsy bitsy spider…

  1. Wow What a great picture! 🙂 Can I use this picture on my newspaper? now I’m making a English Student Newspaper in my colledge – Seoul Woman University in Korea, and I need this in my article, about Samsung museum of art. If you allow it, i wanna use this~! contact me~! Please write me back~!!:)

      • Thank you very much:-) I mentioned your name in our newspaper-ACCENTUATE. Have a good day~! (And there is a typing error in my earlier message. Seoul Women’s University is correct name of school.)

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