berries covered in snow


This is another photo from the Heyri Artist village.



an old red hyundai truck


Another “prop” in the Heyri Artist village. I’m not sure whether this vehicle belongs to someone, or is simply part of the scenery in Heyri. Regardless, the red color caught my attention, and a picture had to be taken.

a shovel

a shovel leaning against a building in Heyri, South Korea


I saw this shovel just as we were leaving town. The color really stood out against the wintry setting, so I took a quick picture.

red bus

a bus converted into some sort of shop in Heyri


It only took a couple of months, but Danielle and I finally got out of Seoul. Taking trips out of town can be a little difficult to squeeze into a weekend, so we waited until our week-long winter break to venture out. We took a bus to the small artist community of Heyri, about a half hour north of town. 

The place was virtually a ghost town; surprising, considering the temps were in the balmy 30’s (F). Did I mention it was a Wednesday? The community is full of galleries, modern architecture, and cafes serving up espresso drinks at nearly $6 a cup. Visually, it is a treat. I can’t wait to take a trip back there, perhaps in a different season, when I’m sure the town is bustling with gallery goers, art, and music. As for our first trip to Heyri, it was great! It’s nice to get away from the big city and the 20 million people that live there.

Heyri, being the artist community that it is, inspired me to take some “artsy” photos. I will post several more of these in the coming days. Enjoy!