a day in Yeouido

The 63 Building is a Seoul landmark. When it was built, the skyscraper was the tallest building in South Korea and the tallest outside of North America. Those distinctions are long gone, but the 63 Building remains an icon.

The tower is quite recognizable due to its golden exterior. Although that color does not come through in this photograph, the building serves as a nice  backdrop for a peaceful day on the Han River.


I saw some fireworks…

Last weekend was the 2011 incarnation of the annual Seoul International Fireworks Festival. It was a 90 minute show performed by three national teams (Korea, Portugal, Japan). Danielle and I found a nice vantage point to take in the festivities. Overall, it was an impressive performance. Lots of ooohs and aaahs from the spectators.

Here are some photos from the night…enjoy!

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caught in the act

During our time in Korea, we’ve stumbled upon several street performances, cultural demonstrations, and parades. Here is a sampling of the pictures I took at these events…

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lotus lantern fest

lantern lion

This was one of thousands of lanterns at the 2011 Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul, South Korea.



a "matrix like" pose captured at a Korean cultural demonstration


Danielle and I made a return trip to N Seoul Tower over the weekend. We were lucky enough to reach the tower about fifteen minutes before a Korean cultural demonstration was set to begin. Figuring that it would be something cool to see, we found a decent vantage point and waited around for the performance to begin.

What ensued was both entertaining and an opportunity to take some good photos. The demonstration began with some drumming and “hat dancing” (the performers wear hats with long ribbons attached – these ribbons are made to “dance” by careful movements of the head and neck, or at least that’s my amateur assessment). The drummers were followed by sword and spear demonstrations, during which the above photo was taken.

I managed to take this picture just before he kicked the hay off of the bamboo…if only I had pressed the shutter a half-second later.